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  • 1/9/14
    • CRR herd bull prospects including Catapult sons available in Denver pen 1210.
    • Video of Herd Bull Prospects, Dams and Catapult now available. View on Sale Offering page
  • 1/7/14 —  Spring 2014 Bull Catalog Now Available! View Catalog
  • Catapult Semen Packages Now Available! Learn More

We are a family Hereford operation located on the high plains of Colorado in the shadow of the Rockies. We run a real world western range program developed to add to your bottom line.

A program with a proven track record of calving ease, maternal efficiency, superior growth plus carcass data. Backed by dependable problem-free cows who work for a living. Look to CRR for your source of commercial bulls in volume, herd bulls, productive females and competitive heifers. We'll be here when you need us...generation after generation.